School of Computing And Informatics

School of Computing & Informatics began to function independently in 2002 E.C. It is known that education plays a pivotal role in the all rounded transformation of human socio economical, political and cultural endeavors. In these days, the era of Information technology has revolutionized that the way we do things we act through the essence of globalization and global economy. It is mandatory for a nation to exploit the worth of technology to compute and become a global state in the one village globe. To this end, institutes that train students that can sense new technological innovations and advancements both in-terms of skill and attitude is not something that should remain for tomorrow.

 Cognizant to this fact, the school of computing and Informatics is preparing students that can join the market force as actual practitioners, and bring the nation one step ahead for the current situations in the same way other public universities are striving for. Apart from the teaching learning, the school is determined to have an active engagement in research and community development supports.

Mission of the school: Generally, establishment of the school has been at addressing:

o   To  bring all the computing disciplines under  a unified structure that assures sharing of resources  and knowledge

o   To produce technically sound and practically competent technologists that meet the best standard

o   To produce professionals equipped with relevant knowledge , skills and attitude that would contribute to the development of the country

o   To offer technical consultancy services to government and other private organizations.

o   To provide and expedite appropriate training programs to government and private employees with the view of upgrading and updating their skills.

Currently, the school has three departments. Since its establishment, it has enrolled about 850 in summer, regular and extension programs. By now it has 738 students and 58 academic staffs on duty and on study leave. The school has graduated the first batch students of Computer Science department in the year 2005 E.C.

Available Undergraduate programs
1. Information Technology
2. Computer Science
3. Information System

     Tepi Campus
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Departments Under School ofComputing And Informatics
Mr Solomon Agizew (MSc)
School Dean
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