College of Engineering And Technology

College of Engineering & Technology was established in 2002 E.C. holding three departments, namely surveying engineering, construction technology & management, and electrical & computer engineering. The college is opened in intention of:-

o   demonstrating critical reasoning and requesting quantitative skills to identify, formulate, and resolve civil engineering problems, and to create designs that reflect economic, environmental and social sensitivities

o   delivering  a quality education experience in surveying engineering throughout the country and beyond, and makes significant  national community

o   offering education that prepares students to become leaders of engineering profession and which empowers them to engage in life time of learning and achievement

o   providing construction managers to the construction industry

Currently, the college has developed to five departments. Since its establishment, the college has enrolled 2699 in summer, regular and extension programs. By now it has 2798 students and 117 academic staffs of which 35 are on study leave.

Available undergraduate programs
1. Construction Technology & Management
2. Civil Engineering
3. Electrical & Computer Engineering
4. Mechanical Engineering
5. Surveying Engineering

Tepi Campus
Telephone: +251 475 562 015

Departments Under College of Engineering And Technology
Addisalem Haile (Msc)
College Dean
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