Former President (2016)
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                                         Message from the President

Mizan-Tepi University has been making great endeavor to make a transformation in the Learning, Teaching Research & Community Development Service. Right from the beginning, L/T/R/C/S/D/V/P Office realized that Mizan-Tepi Universityís vision, mission, objectives and plan would be achieved if stakeholders transparently understood what is planned to be done.

We have given attention for the employment of instructors. Though we didn't succeed to get all specializations we want, currently we are able to satisfy majority of our needs.

The effort to fulfill facilities required to enroll many number of students to the university is about to be successful progressively. As a result, in its history the university has enrolled the highest number of students at the beginning of the Second Growth & Transformation Plan.

To improve the quality of education we provide, we have organized and established students and teachers 1 to 5 education quality and development army. The establishment of the army has been contributing to the effort the university is making to improve the quality of the education provided in the University. .

Achieving service excellence and high business growth has been also the key work in the past times. The university, in order to encourage the female studentís participation in education has carried out different activities. Among others, publicizing and awarding high achieving female student of the University and extending this activity in the three zones located around the vicinity of the university is the magnified activity to be mentioned.

Implementation of the Human Resource Development is also an important task under action. Presently, we have a big number of academic staffs on study in both PhD and Masters Programs. As these teachers complete their study, I firmly believe that they will be a great asset for the university and will help the university to widen its service excellence.

Supports made by granting materials and equipments to local primary and secondary schools were also a service the university provided. Consequently, the results expressed publicly in oral, certificates and cups; and the rewards have been observed from the community through various communications are encouraging.

Finally, though we have these successes, we cannot deny the challenges that we faced and as a result we need our consolidated effort to combat them. With continued commitment of our staff, students and customers; we have no doubt to overcome the challenges and achieve far better results. We have progressed to be a united army to improve our standard in the GTP 2 and, we shall realize our vision.

                                                                                                      I thank you

Mr Tsegaye Mammo Former President
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