Former President (2006-2015)
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                                         Message From The Former President

Mizan- Tepi University (MTU) is one of the thirteen second generation universities of Ethiopia. It is located in South West part of Ethiopia and has initially two campuses namely, Mizan and Tepi. The main campus is situated in Mizan-Aman Town which is the seat of Bench Maji Zone, and Tepi Campus is located at 52 kilometers distance from Mizan in Tepi Town of Sheka Zone. From the total six colleges and two schools of the University, four colleges namely, Agriculture and Natural Resource, Business and Economics, Health Science, and Social Sciences and Humanities) and Law School are found in Mizan campus while the rest College of Engineering and Technology, College of Natural and computational Science and School of Computing and Informatics are found in Tepi Campus. Recently Mizan-Aman General Hospital was included as Teaching Hospital where we are going to move Health Science College and open Medical school. 

MTU was established in the area which was ignored in every aspect during the time when both feudal and military governments were in power.  During those regimes, let alone university, secondary schools were very precious in South West part of Ethiopian in particular and in Ethiopia as a whole. Thanks to the Government of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, now the number of universities in the nation exceeds 40 which were only two before 1991 G.C. From these, four of them (Jimma, Mizan-Tepi, Mettu and Bonga) are found in South Western part of Ethiopia.  This expansion of universities in all parts of the nation has been made intentionally to equally access tertiary education for all citizens of the country that the current government regards as the potential forces to eradicate the country’s remarkable enemy called poverty.

As it was established in the locality where no access to tertiary education, MTU has given huge responsibility to access education to people around it in particular and Ethiopian citizens in general. Besides, MTU is situated in an area where dense forest which is counted as a lung of Ethiopia, various natural resources, socio-cultural values and heritages of South West Ethiopia subsist. Consequently, it is one of the universities which are accountable to develop, promote and safeguard these inadequate natural resources, the languages and socio-cultural values of Ethiopian people in addition to performing learning and teaching process.

Clearly understanding the above responsibilities, MTU has been striving to address the demand of the Ethiopian Government and people in realizing the Growth and Transformation Plan of the country since its foundation in 2006 G.C. MTU commenced learning teaching activities in 2006 G.C  with only 215 students in three departments under one college in Mizan Campus.  However, expanding from year to year, now the number of undergraduate students in both regular and continuing programs exceeds 10,000, and currently there are six colleges and two schools with nearly 40 departments in Both Mizan and Tepi Campuses of the University. Since 2009 G.C, more than 8400 students have been graduated in more than 35 undergraduate programs. Besides, the University started Master’s Degree program in Project Planning and Management in the summer of 2014/15 ( 2007 E.C ) academic year in collaboration with Yom Institute of Economic Development and has completed preparation to open postgraduate program in Geography and Environmental Studies and in Development Economics in 2008 E.C academic year. Moreover, the University has been carrying out many research and community development support activities focusing on its vicinities such as Bench-Maji, Kafa, Majangi and Sheka Zones.

The above progresses and achievements of the University are not received easily. They resulted from unreserved efforts and commitments of the whole University community. Students, Academic, and Support staffs of the University share these fruits. Stakeholders outside of the University Community deserve appreciation for their contribution. Nevertheless, we should not be satisfied with these results rather we should strive day and night to achieve more and more. Although the above achievements are good, we were preparing the stepping to start our journey; our vision, mission and goals are set far. As a result, much is expected from us, and we are here to support the development endeavors of our nation and our people.

It is known that our country has successfully completed the first Growth and Transformation plan (GTP I) and is starting the Second Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP II). Therefore, we are given huge responsibility to produce skilled and knowledgeable human power that can properly handle and assist the execution of GTP II and keep the continuation of the very fast growing economy of our nation along with regular research and community service practices.  To carryout the mission effectively thereby meet our goals, we need to strengthen 1 to 5 organ;  add, harmonize and integrate them in building  “The Education and Technology Development Army”  that implement the change tools based on the law of the land. Finally I call up on all MTU community to work hard hand in hand for the realization of our common vision.

Thank you all!

Mebratu Gebremariam (PhD), Former President
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